Grace Swestin, S.S., M.A.
Dosen / 03-028
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(+62-31) 8439040, 8494830, 8494831
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Jl. Siwalankerto 121-131 Surabaya - 60236 , Indonesia P.O. Box 1991


  • S1 - Universitas Kristen Petra, Surabaya (2003)
  • S2 - Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines (2010)


Grace Swestin is an instructor at the Department of Communication Sciences at Petra Christian University in Surabaya where she has been faculty member since 2003. She completed her M.A. at the Ateneo de Manila University where she completed her thesis on modern Indonesian film. Her undergraduate study was in English Linguistics where her research in the language used on television spawned her interest in media studies. Today, more specifically, her work examines the intersection between culture and communication, mainly by means of qualitative research methods. At Petra Christian University, she focuses her teachings in Media and Cultural Studies as well as Qualitative Communication Research Methods

konsentrasi penelitian

1.       Media History

This research area deals with development and advancement in both, technology and content of mass communication in relation to its social and cultural milieu.

2.       Culture and Human Communication

This research interest focuses on the role that culture plays in interpersonal and organizational communication settings.

3.       Media and Cultural Studies

This area covers contemporary applications of cultural studies, including media studies, focusing on the analyses of power and meaning in media texts and reception.