Broadcast and Journalism Program

The digital revolution has rapidly increased the amount and forms of media possible in day-to-day life. To fulfil the needs of creative, critical and clever broadcasters and journalists while still holding fast to the ethics and values of Christianity, the “Broadcast & Journalism” program held by the Communication Sciences Department of PCU Surabaya offers opportunities for students to attain knowledge and skills while also developing non-academic potential. Supported by facilities such as the Laboratory of Television, Radio, and Media, students are expected to gain experiences as realistic and faithful to the media industry as possible.

Students will learn theoretical and practical concepts relevant to the fields of broadcasting and journalism, both in conventional and online media. Some of the courses offered include Reporting Technique, Basic Journalism Writing and Others, Documentary Film Production, Variety Show/Talkshow Production, Media Entrepreneurship, In-Depth Reporting, Media Presenter, and Media Law & Ethics. Highlighting real learning experiences and whole-person education, the teaching-learning process will be performed through lectures, discussions, case studies, fieldwork, service learning, internships, and company visits within local, national and international circles.

Professional Prospects

Broadcaster (Producer, Reporter, Editor, Director, Presenter, Cameraman, Floor Director, Programmer, Scriptwriter, Radio Announcer), Journalistic Photographer, Journalist, Content Creator, Media Analyst, Media Consultant, Media Manager, and Videographer

Main Competencies

  1. Possesses knowledge of theoretical concepts related to philosophy, sociology, psychology and politics from a communications perspective.
  2. Is capable of critically and creatively analysing phenomena in communications, with various methods from both quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  3. Possesses interpersonal, organisational, and cross-cultural communication skills in both Indonesian and English.
  4. Is capable of producing whole works and/or prototypes that follow technological developments in the field of communications.

Special Competencies

  1. Possesses knowledge regarding laws and ethics in mass media and new media.
  2. Shows intelligence in utilising media and is capable of analysing media content and its relation to popular culture.
  3. Produces, manages, and distributes journalistic & non-journalistic works in the form of scripts, photos, and audio-visuals on multiple platforms.
  4. Possesses entrepreneurship capabilities within the field of media.

Other Competencies

  1. Possesses basic Mandarin or Japanese language skills.
  2. Possesses specific knowledge about communication in leadership, family, sports, health, fashion, tourism, and church.
  3. Possesses specific knowledge in the fields of broadcasting & journalism regarding Indonesian cinema, video journalism, radio journalism, radio broadcasting techniques, music directing, media and church, as well as digital start-ups for media.
  4. Possesses specific knowledge in the field of communication that would be strategic within commercials and promotions, public relations in social organisations, public relations in financials, visual communications, and strategic social media for public relations, as well as managing events.
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